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Everyday you can...

...make something better, remove something painful, add something joyful, connect with someone, connect that person with someone else, put a dent in the future, coach simplicity, serve someone, make someone feel bigger, make someone smile, make yourself smile, instigate change, accelerate culture change...

Become a Catalyst.

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A look inside Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition


Chapter One: The Need for a Catalyst

Why you? You are in a position to shape experiences and craft workplace culture improvement into the work itself.


Chapter Two: Finding Your Spark

Culture does not improve through apathy, avoidance, or nonchalance. Culture improves through momentum, sacrifice, passion, and an unwavering belief that change is actually possible. Without a spark, movement cannot begin.


Chapter Three: The Necessary Fuel

The fuel for our journey will be the development of eight foundational traits. By focusing on these traits, Catalysts begin to build habits or muscle memory.


Chapter Four: Building the Fire

The Catalyst uses every opportunity with the people she is working with to begin to create a thriving organization. Nothing goes to waste.


Chapter Five: Keeping the Flame Alive

People willing to lead the charge to improve the working lives of those around them are hard to find and even harder to keep energized and healthy.

Your Adventure Awaits

The book was written to prepare you, motivate you, encourage you, energize you, and equip you, but the real work is just beginning.

What people are saying about Becoming a Catalyst

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Ben Linders

Just completed my first read through of this book and I have already recommended it to all the Scrum Masters I know. I will most certainly reference this material daily for the foreseeable future.

Klaven E.

This book offers some great real-world insight and proven techniques for Scrum Masters involved in an organization moving to Agile.


Any questions about Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition?

Feel free to ask the author, Len Lagestee, any questions about the book or your own journey to Become a Catalyst. Expect an answer within 24 to 48 hours.